Sunday, April 23, 2017

Week 34 Community Helpers


Please pay special attention to the items in your child’s homework folder when it comes home on Monday.  There are 2 notes that you need to fill out and return to school as soon as possible.

1st note – Graduation Cap & Gown Picture Day is Thursday.  Check the box to indicate which background you prefer your child to have (even if you do not plan on purchasing any of the pictures).  The picture of your child will be placed on your child’s graduation diploma (free of charge to you).  If you do not return the note indicating a background preference, the photographer will choose one for your child.  Because they will be wearing a cap and gown (provided by Lifetouch) just have your child wear their school uniform that day.  GIRLS – please make sure their hair is appropriate to be able to put a graduation cap on it and lie flat.  No ponytails on top of their head or big bows or hair do’s.

The Lifetouch Company is providing these pictures and diplomas for us for FREE.  Because of that there will NOT be a make-up picture day for absent children.

2nd note – ZOO lunch preference.  We need to know your child’s lunch preference for the zoo.  Home lunch, or school sack lunch: pbj or turkey sandwich.  Please read the note carefully and send it back to school no later than Thursday.  If you or other family members are coming and would like to purchase a school sack lunch you will need to indicate that, too.  Then, pay for your lunch(es) in the office, attach your receipt to the yellow zoo note and bring it to me.  Adult lunches CANNOT be paid for from your child’s lunch account.

Please contact me with any questions you might have.

I am sending home a alphabet letter and word timings this week.  Please read the instruction and practice at least once a night this week and next. We want to make sure every child is ready for their Dibels test on Monday, May 1st.

Next Week
I hope you are starting to get creative. Next week will be our Community Helper Dress up day.  
Wednesday, May 3, 2017 students may come to school dressed as a Community Helper.  
Here are only a few great ideas! You do not need to go out and buy a costume.  Please use items around your house.  Props are welcome with your costume, but please no toy guns or weapons. 

Last Week
On Tuesday we had a special visitor surprise the children!  Rusty the Raccoon from Waterford came to our class.  The Waterford program is a language program that the children do daily on the IPad.  Each day, all of the children complete a 20 minute session working on reading skills on their individual level.  Rusty is the character in the program that talks the children through their session.  Our kindergarten was chosen as one of the top elementary schools in the area to use the program to fidelity.  As a reward they sent Rusty to meet our children.  He danced with us, high-fived us, did songs and activities from the Waterford program and then gave the children a treat!  It was so fun!!!

Community Helpers week 2
We learned so much this week! Indie's mom-Jenny came in to teach us about being a hairstylist.  We learned about hair blowers, straighteners, special scissors, clippers, razors, round brushes and product.  She taught us that the person getting their hair cut is called a client. Her client was a mannequin an she cut her hair and styled it right in front of us. Exciting! 
 George's dad taught us all about being a baseball coach.  We learned that all types of sports need a coach.  He brought his equipment bag and we learned all the gear that each different player wears.  He taught us the verbs throw, catch, and hit.  Did you know the word "coach" is a verb to??  If you can do it, you can do it, you can do it...It's a VERB!
Millie's mom came taught us about being a volunteer.  She helps organize a group of women in Ogden called the Jr. League of Ogden.  These women do charity for our community!  They made this cook book and she gave us each one to take home! Incredible! 

Everleigh's dad is a Police Officer during the day, but one weekend a month he is a solider.   He helps the military set up portable hospitals.  He is also in charge of bringing the supplies to the military hospital.  She showed us his uniform and told us sometimes he has to go far away from home.  When he is on drill he eats something called a MRE.  It is food in a bag.  He let us taste some of the crackers, but we liked the M & M's best. He taught us how to salute the flag too.   
 Before he left he taught us how to play soldier. He said that soldiers spend a lot of time practicing how to march and line up.  He taught us about target practice and protecting your land.  We even made a hospital just like he does so we could help wounded or sick soldiers. 

We have the best TA in the world.  Mrs. Jackman wanted me to send you and enormous thank you.  She felt so loved last week during TA appreciation week.  Thank you so much for all your cards and gifts.   

We learned all about what a dentist does this week too.  During power play we brushed our yellow teeth and removed all the plaque so they could be sparkly white again. Then we used our fun snack to practice being a dentist and extracting teeth.  Pulling teeth is extra fun when you get to eat them after! 
We learned all about being a zoo keeper.  You have to know a lot about animals to care for them.  We learned that you can't put some animals together because they will eat each other.  Some animals are carnivore (they eat meat) and others are herbivore (they eat plants).  You also have to clean the animals at the zoo.  You have to give them a bath and clean up their poop.  It is hard work to be a zoo keeper. 
Sometimes animals get sick.  We learned how to be a veterinarian.  Vets are animal doctors. Some of us pretended to pet owners with a problem and some of us were veterinarians.  Some of the problems your amazing children came up with were: 
This lizard isn't changing colors anymore.  
This horse is pregnant and needs help to have her baby.
This snake swallowed my favorite toy.
My pig has an eye infection.
My horse fell and broke his arm.
My lizard isn't moving anymore.  Yes we did have to say goodbye because his heart wasn't beating.  They were amazing!  
We even studied animals that are extinct.  We became paleontologists and dug for dinosaurs.  We talked about how these scientists have to use the bones as clues to discover what dinosaurs ate, where they lived, if they were flying and how big they grew. 
 We have learned that animals are different.  They live in different places like the air, land and water. We also explored that they have different kinds of coverings like fur, feathers and fins. 
On Friday we got a visit from some of the animals on Mrs. Scofield's farm.  We got to meet baby chicks, big chickens, ducks, rabbits, and a baby lamb that was only 2 days old!  I heard a few kiddos say, "This is the best day EVER!!!"  I have to agree.  Science is awesome!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Week 33 Community Helpers

We have been awarded a Waterford Donut Party.  Tuesday at 12:30 we will get to meet Rusty Raccoon from our Waterford Early Learning program!!!! Way to go Kindergarten for working so hard!

I have had to change the date for Community Helper Dress Up Day to Wednesday May 3rd.  Please read the post from last week to see details about dress up day. 
I have asked to be involved in writing Kindergarten Exit Exam for the State of Utah.  
In order to do this I will be out of the classroom April 21st, May 8th and 10th. 

A Million Thanks to those that have volunteered to come in and teach us about their jobs. 
Last week was so fun!  I would love more parents to come in this week and teach us.  Please call the school or email me if you can come in.  I am very flexible. 

The State of Utah sent presenters to our school to teach about Child Abuse.  We learned to listen to our Uh-Oh feeling.
Officer Daum works for the Sheriff's Department. He has to transport criminals from the jail to court. He showed us handcuffs, mace and we even got to go inside his transport van.
 Captain Jackman (Mrs. Jackman's husband) came and taught us all about being a firefighter.  He taught us about the uniform he wears when he is at the fire house and what he wears when he fights fires.
 Rachel Walker is our school nurse.  She showed us all of her super hero nursing tools that help her do her job when she is working at the hospital.  She does wound care at MaKay Dee Hospital too.
Grandma Dar is a Chef!  She taught us all about decorating cakes.  She showed us how to make flowers with frosting.  Then it was our turn. We each got to decorate our very own graham cracker cake! 

 Porter (Mrs. Maag's son) came and taught about being a musician.  He played his cello.  He taught us how to tune an instrument and played songs we know like: Twinkle, twinkle, ABCs, London Bridges and Ba ba black sheep.  He even showed us the difference between plucking a cello and using the bow.
 Mrs. Briggs show us how she has special tools to glue and tape books.  She is our school's book doctor.  She also taught us about choosing books that are a "Good Fit"
 Mrs. Doiser, our librarian, is also a yoga instructor.  She came and taught us Yoga.  Did you know that you have homework when you are training to be a Yoga instructor?

Then it was time for us to go to work! We learned vocabulary for each of the following jobs!
Doctors: examine, diagnosis diseases, heal, have patients and use tools like stethoscopes and thermometers. They put casts on and do surgery.  
We practiced being singers as we learned all about Old MacDonald's farm.  
We learned that police officers have to fingerprint criminals.  Did you know that ALL of us have different finger prints.  No two are alike. 
Police officers can also direct the traffic.  We learned about speeding laws and how to be safe as we drove our cars. Some of us got a ticket because we didn't stay in our lane when we were driving. 
 Moms and Dads are Community Helpers too.  We practiced caring for our babys.  We had to make sure they were safe in in carseat, change their diapers, take them for walks and learn how to feed them.
 Construction workers build buildings and use tools like drills, screwdrivers, hammers, wrenches, and pilers.

In math we are learning our teen numbers

 We love, love, love our new classroom library.  We are working so hard to be on Level D by Kindergarten Graduation. If you have time to come read with us please do we have books waiting. 

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Week 32

This week is Teacher Assistant Appreciation Week!  We love, love, love our Mrs. Jackman. Please help me show her how much we care by having your kiddo write a sweet card or bring a little treat.  Our classroom would not run the same without her!

Kindergarten Graduation Pictures

                                                 Thursday, April 27th

Lifetouch will be coming to the school, free of charge and taking a picture of the kindergarteners in a cap and gown that will be placed on your child’s graduation diploma. They will only be at the school 1 day to take the pictures.  PLEASE PLAN AHEAD AND MAKE SURE YOUR CHILD IS NOT ABSENT THAT DAY.
There will be an option to purchase additional prints if you would like to, but the diploma with their picture will be free.  A flier will be coming home with more details as we get closer to the date.

Volunteers Wanted from now until the end of the school year!
If you have time and would like to come in any day any time. I have materials ready and  we would love to have you come in and tutor students one to one or in a small group.

community helpers imagesTo help ease back into Kindergarten after such a long break we will be studying Community Helpers.  This is so much fun!  I will be setting up community helper dramatic play stations each afternoon.  So far we will get to be: Doctors, Dentists, Car wash attendants, Paleontologists, Soldiers, Veterinarians, Librarians, Restaurant owners, Construction workers, Bankers, Artists, Tennis players, Grocery Store workers, Moms and Dads, Police officers, and hair stylists.  I am so excited for all that your students will learn about Community Helpers. 

 I have spent a lot of time and effort during Spring Break to pull off so many fun activities.  There was a bit of cost involved in some of the fun.  If you are able I am asking that each student bring $2.oo to school this week to help cover the cost of these fun activities.  If you can't I understand or if you are able to cover the cost of another student please let me know.  You are all so wonderful.

Part two of Community Helpers is that I would love for some of you to come to school and teach us!!!!  Anytime between April 10-April 28. Please dress up, bring props, do a little demo and let us ask lots of questions about your job.  Last year we had a Fire fighter, Yoga instructor, Photographer, Reporter, Book salesman, stay at home mommy and Nurse come to talk to us.  Please, please.  You can come whenever it is convenient for you.  I will just work you in.  If you have connections please use them.  We would love to learn about any and all jobs.  10-15 minute presentations are about all we can handle. Send in the grandmas, grandpas, aunts and uncles too!

Part 3 is we want them to come Dressed up as a Community Helper. In two weeks, Friday April 21st.   Students can come dressed up as any Community Helper.  We have a photographer coming this day to take their picture. Community Helpers are not fantasy characters like princesses or super heros.  Community helpers are workers in our Community. You do not need to go out and buy a costume.  Be creative. Here are a few examples from last year.  Teacher, farmer/dad, eye doctor, librarian, detective
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Learning about rocks was so exciting!  
We learned:
  • Rocks come in different sizes, shapes,colors and some rocks have stinky bad smells!
  • Some rocks sink and other rocks float.  Even some BIG rocks float!

  • We use rocks everyday.  Our pencil led is even a rock!
  • Rocks are non-living, solid and not made by man!

  • Big rocks weather and break down into smaller rocks.  This process is called EROSION! Wind, water and ice cause erosion. Soil and plant roots help prevent erosions.  

  • When you break open some rocks called Geodes they have sparkly crystals inside.
  • Everyone should own and love rocks. 

In math we have mastered all the ways to make a ten. We can add and subtract within 10. 
 We celebrated by becoming the teacher.  We made posters and taught our friends in small groups.
Some of use even got to share our stories in Mrs. Maag's microphone. Jonathan's story might be my favorite.  Mrs. Lopez our counselor came in and taught us about stranger danger. She talked about having a family code word so if a stranger wanted to take you that you could ask the stranger for the code word.  Jonathan's story said: There were 10 kids.  3 kids got in a strangers car- (They didn't have a code word!!!) Then there were 7 kids.  10-3 =7.  LOL! Oh my goodness get a code word.  Listen to these smart babies!