Friday, December 8, 2017

Week 15 Nature Center Field Trip and a Wedding!

 Our whole class fit inside a real eagles nest!
 We saw a bald eagle, golden eagle, red hawk, paragon falcon, and 3 raccoons that had made a next way up in a hole in the tallest tree.
 One of our favorite parts was seeing a REAL live beehive.  We all said our motto as soon as we saw them.  It's Good to do Hard Things!!!

We loved riding the bus and walked in and seeing all the bird house along the path.

 We got to pretend we were bears and crawled inside a BEAR DEN!!!!

 Most of all we got to spend time with great friends.

We were so excited as the guests waited for the wedding to start.

Mr. K came in to officiate the wedding

We had flower girls

 Brides maids and Bestmen

Man I love my job!

And the happy couple

Our ring barer (Jose) did a wonderful job!

 The wedding party was both serious and silly!

Our guests brought a partner and gave the wonderful gift of a "qu" word.

Our bride through her bouquet to see who might be next!

There was dancing!
 And more dancing!

And our favorite part...

THE CAKE!!! Love at first sight!

Our happy couple cut the cake and...

We ate!

Oh what a day! Wait! There is NO kissing in KINDERGARTEN!

Friday, December 1, 2017

Week 14

Each month we will continue to choose one student who has gone above and beyond to show us how to live the 7 Habits.  Romeo Cobaugh was chosen to be our 7 Habits Student of the month for Habit #3 Put First Things First. Way to go Romeo!

At our January meeting on the First Friday we will be selecting an "Eagle Leader" to represent our class.  More information to come. 

A Huge THANK YOU for all that attending our wonderful Kindergarten Literacy Night last week.  
We all learned lots of games we could easily play to help us learn our snap words before the end of the year.  All that attended were put in a drawing and these were the 5 winners in our class!  Congrats Jak, Jackie, Jocelyn, Ivy and TJ!

On Tuesday we will be going on our field trip to the Ogden Nature Center to learn about animals in the winter!  We will learn that they hibernate, generate, propagate, insulate, and migrate.  We will also be making bird feeders and crawl through a bear den and mice holes.

Please make sure you send your child in full winter gear: coat, hat, mittens or gloves, and boots or sturdy shoes.  Part of the time we will be outside – regardless of the weather.  We will also be wearing our school uniform that day.

Friday December 8th, we will be having a wedding in Kindergarten.  I need a volunteer to be an officiator.  No special license required. I need a parent to dress up and be a little eccentric.  It is a very big deal for Mr. Q to get married to Miss U. They will forever forward be know as the sound /kw/ and go everywhere together in words.  

Here are a couple of our past  officiators, Amazing!  I have a script I will send you if you think this would be fun. The officiator would need to come to school on Friday at 9:45 am.  Wedding will start around 10 am and last about 45 minutes.
I am also in need of a store bought sheet cake that can feed 25 people--1 small piece each. Please email me if you would like to donate this on Friday.  If you would like to do this please no red frosting. Please e-mail me so we don't end up with more than one sheet cake

This week in homework students will be asked to create a present for the happy bride a groom.  They will present a "qu" word as a gift.  Her is an example of a great present. It is colored beautifully and decorated. Please encourage your student to do a great job. We will be hanging these up for all to see.

We will also be on the look out for a bride and groom this week.  They will have to have great behavior all week.  Our wedding party will have a groom and 3 best men, a flower girl and 3 bridesmaids. Here is the crew from last year. So Fun!!!

On Friday we have been given permission to wear our BEST DRESS to the WEDDING.  This is not a free dress day.  If student do not choose to BEST DRESS then they will need to wear uniform. 
NO $1.00 needed. 

In December we will be participating in a STEM project where students are given Graham cracker pieces, frosting and candy and asked to build a structure-AKA Gingerbread house. This year we have decided to let it be a reward for good behavior, being responsible and putting 1st things first. This is how it will work.  Last Monday I took the Clip up chart off the wall.  Your child started to earn pennies and nickels in class. In December they will have the opportunity to use their money to buy candy to decorate their house.  They will also need to purchase the graham cracker pieces and frosting with the money they have earned throughout both months.  The more they earn the more treats they can buy. 

I’m letting you know about this right now so you can support and reinforce your child’s behavior in the classroom, at home.  The following are a few ways they earn money and put first things first:

·         Returning completed homework on time (this includes the reading log minutes, spelling mats and returning the spelling envelope)
·         Finishing their jump start assignment before 8:30 (this means they need to be on time to school)
·         staying on task in class 
·         making wise choices
·         helping others or putting others first before play
·         Using a wiggle strategy at the carpet
·         listening and following directions the first time given

Wednesday, December 20th- Graham Cracker House STEM project  12:30-3 p.m.
We will need many parent volunteers (at least 6) that day.  Please send me an email if you can attend. We will need the following supplies that day. 
  • 6 boxes graham crackers. The cheap ones work great!
  • Bags of candy, cereal, pretzels, etc.  Anything you think could be used to make a good pattern.
  • 10 containers of ready made frosting.  No whipped please.
  • 26 dinner size paper plates-really heavy duty kind.
Go ahead and start sending your donation this week so that we can begin to separate them into colors.  Thank you in advance. Right now I have a huge bag of gum drops and 1 bag of white mini marshmallows.  

If you would like to donate a bag of candy the best kinds are ones that have a variety of colors so that the children can make patterns with them on their house: M&Ms, gummy bears, chocolate chips-white and dark…Cereal works great too.  Please only send in packages that are unopened.  If you can help with the donations please contact me at the school or through an email.
This is the only time of year that Mrs. Campbell allows us to have candy at school.  It is very fun and your children have been working very hard to earn pennies.

Last week we learned the letters Z and Y

Zz is for ZEBRA

We learned that the letter Zz makes the sound of a zipper.  We also made a Zigzag Zebra.  To make its stripes we had to use our math skills and measure the yarn.  Boy did we have to remember our motto – “It’s Good To Do Hard Things!”
 We tasted yams.  I was excited to see so many liked YAMS. Only 4 said they were yucky. Ha!
 We even practiced letter Yy during snack time.  This is a fun activity you can do with any snack you have at home.  Build letters and snap words. 


The next 2 weeks we will be exploring PATTERNS to get ready to decorate our graham cracker houses.  Please take time to look for patterns at home and point them out to your child.  They could be patterns with objects, colors, numbers, and letters of the alphabet.  

We will be making a Christmas Countdown Chain with an AB pattern.  When it comes home I hope you will hang this up somewhere special.  Each day help your child to remember to tear one chain off and practice their counting skills.

“My chain had 19 links.  I took 1 away.  Now I have 18 links left.”
“I have 8 red links and 9 green links.  9 is more than 8.  8 is less than 9.”