Sunday, May 6, 2018

Week 34-Final Blog Post!

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This is a secret (from the children)  
Our class has been earning pom poms to by synergizing together to fill our proactive pom pom jar.  When we reach our goal we always have a reward.  We have earned a LEGO Party, Stuffed Animal Day, Extra Recess, Chalk Party, to name a few.  For our last one I would like to do something a little different.  Mrs. Campbell has given us permission to walk the 2 blocks to the park on Lincoln Avenue.  It is filled with lots of wonderful toys for the children to play on.  I have not shared this with the children because we can only do it if I have enough parent help to go with us for safety reasons.  I will need at least 5 parents (more is even better).  Please contact me if you are interested.  If I get enough parent chaperones I will then share what our activity is with the children.

We will be going on Wednesday, May 16th 
from 1:00 – 2:45 pm.

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week.  As you think about showing Appreciation this week please consider recognizing our SPECIALS teachers too.  
Mr. Pacheco-P.E.
Mr. MacKay-Art
Mrs. Sorenson-Spanish
Mrs. Fowers-Music
They do so much to help teach your student!


The library will host a reading eagles party this Wednesday during our library time.  All library books are do tomorrow.  May 7th.  I will be sending text messages and emails to all students that still have books out.  They will not be invited to the party   Please send all books Monday and pay all existing fines so your student will be able to attend the party on Wednesday. 


This will be the last homework packet that is sent home. This homework will be for the next two weeks and will be due on May 17th.  The last two skills we really need to work on is reading and snap words.  Students are required to know ALL 42 snap words and be reading on Level D before Kindergarten Ends. 


Don’t forget to send your child to school on Thursday May 17th with their favorite Teddy Bear and a blanket for our Teddy Bear Picnic (it will be at our school during our regular lunchtime).  They can choose to eat school lunch or bring their lunch from home.

Last day of Kindergarten class is May 18th.
Testing is Monday May 21st and Tuesday May 22nd. 
I have everyone signed up for testing! Yay! Thank you.  Please put these dates in your calandar and be on time.  
Thank you! Thank you!

I will be sending home one final note about graduation next Monday.  Some students will be asked to practice a speaking part.  It will be stapled to the note.  
Please, please, please come to graduation.  
If there is any conflict please inform me before Friday.  I have a gift, their diploma and your child's writing portfolio to give them at graduation. Please make other arrangements with me if you can't attend for any reason. 

Graduation is Wednesday May 23rd at 9 a.m.  Students need to come in best dress and be at the school no later than 8:30 a.m. We need a few minutes to get their graduation caps on. 

Congratulations to Amelia Lundell!

She was chosen as our 7 Habit leader for the month.  Amelia knows balance feels best! She loves to try new things.  She wrestles, snow skis, plays soccer, and loves to read. She loves swimming, riding her bike, practicing her spelling words and this summer she is learning to water ski. 

She is a great example to our class. 

We got a very exciting visit this week.  Our school was chosen to have a special reward because our students have been so good at completing our computer learning program called WATERFORD.  Rusty the raccoon is the mascot of the program.  He actually got to come to our classroom to celebrate our students.  We danced with him and each of us gave him a high five. 

Thank you for the precious gift of sharing your children with me this year!  This year has been an adventure I will never forget!  I have loved it and loved seeing what great heights your tiny humans have achieved.  We can do hard things!  They have become readers, writers, mathematicians, and know what it means to be proactive!  Have a fabulous summer with your kiddo! I have grown to love them so much and hope they come give me lots of hugs next year. 

Mrs. Maag

Still love my job!

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Week 33

Friday, May 4th beginning at 12:45 pm
Please refer to the Principal’s Blog, my past email or the orange note sent home last week for details.  You will need to bring the white card (that also came home in your child’s homework folder last week) with you in order to pick up your children.  If you have lost it you will be able to fill another one out when you arrive.

I am so excited to announce the winners of our Love YOUR LIBRARY book contest.  Every student from our class was an author of two books.  We wrote a book called I LIKE... and another expository text called My EAGLE BOOK.  You will receive a list in this weeks homework folder of all the winners, but here is a picture of them ALL. Look close a few of our winners went home early on Friday. 

These books will be on display during the Art Showcase Night on Thursday, May 3rd from 6-7:30 pm.
For students that didn't win I will be returning all books including the 3rd book we have written called MY VERB BOOK at Kindergarten Graduation. 

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Reading Eagles Party ~ May 9th

Our wonderful librarians are hosting a Reading Party for the students.  Ours will be on Wednesday, May 9th.  The students are invited to come if they have turned in ALL of the books they have checked out and/or paid for all damaged or lost book.
They may also bring a small blanket and stuffed animal to the party.  Snacks will be provided. ALL books are due to the library no later than May 9th.

 Image result for clip art scholastic book fair
April 30 – May 4   
Open before school and after school
This is the BUY ONE, GET ONE BOOK FREE Scholastic Book Fair.  It is well worth your time to come check out the books and stock up on some great reading for the summer!

Our last Community Helper parent presentation was was Gracie's mom Annette. She came to school and taught us how to be scientists.  She taught us that scientists ask questions and try to figure out how things work.  She brought her special robots that run on a specific code.  We got to draw pathways for them and the OZOBOTS could read the color and know where to go.  It was so cool.  Some of us decided that we would want to build robots for our job when we grow up. 
 We also got to go outside and dissect seed pods from a Honey Locus Tree.  The seed pod made a very interesting noise and we were questioning. What makes that funny sound???  When we broke open the seed pod we found that their were seeds inside that were rattling around.  We used our math skills and counted how many seed we could dissect.  
To celebrate Earth Day My girls and I planted trees at Mount Ogden Park

In Kindergarten we learned a song called "I've Got the Whole World in my Hands"
We decided we couldn't really "hold" the earth, but the song meant that it was our responsibility to take care of the Earth.
We made these awesome Coffee Filter Earths.
We learned about all the animals that live on the earth and learned that some of them live in the water (oceans, lakes and rivers) and some of them live on land. Then we went outside and cleaned the Earth.  We picked up all the garbage we could find and filled a big black garbage bag. 

In Language Arts we learned about Multiple Meaning Words this week. We called them M&M words.  We read, sorted and drew pictures of these words. 

We also learned about inflected endings like -ed and -ing.  We each made a King of -ing crown with an -ing sentence on it.  Some of them said, "I am dancing.  I am cutting.  I am flying.  I am running.  I am reading and more." Then we went outside and used our -ing skills.  I am hopping.  I am bouncing.  I am jumping.  I am sitting. 

In math we have finished up teen numbers and will be taking the teen number test this week.  Student will show what they know with numbers 10-20.

Thank you for helping make Secretaries Week an amazing one for our ladies up front.  They were spoiled and they absolutely deserved it.