Sunday, October 15, 2017

Week 8

FUN RUN: The annual OPA Fun Run is Saturday at 10:00am starting at the Dinosaur Park. Costumes are encouraged!

This week their will be NO Library.  You may check out books before or after school. 
Mon. Oct. 16 - Thurs. Oct. 19
Mon., Tues., Wed. 7:30-8:00 am
Mon. - Tues. 2:45-4:30 pm
Wed. 12:45 - 7:00 pm

Thurs. 8:00 am - 12:00 pm
Volunteers are needed! If you are able to volunteer in the book fair, please sign up for a time slot at:

Wed 18th: Early Release for students, dress down day for $1.00. Conferences from  
       1:15pm-5:00pm, and 5:30pm-7pm
Thurs. 19th: No School for Students, Conferences at 8:00am-12:00pm
Fri. 20th: No School 

Please see our link so you can remember what time you are signed up for: 

I am still missing 2 parents.

Ogden Nature Center:
This Friday and Saturday night is the Nature Center’s famed Halloween event — CREATURES of the NIGHT!  The education team at the Nature Center is going ALL OUT to make it a spectacular event.  Educational, non-scary, fun!
Held both Friday and Saturday nights from 5-8:30 pm.  $6 per child / $7 per adult.
Please come AND pass this along to anyone else you think would enjoy.

I highly recommend this event.  This week in kindergarten we are learning about Animals that are nocturnal and animals that are awake during the day. 

We are learning about syllables. Watch this great video by Scratch Garden.  You can help your student understand syllables.  Mia's mom taught us how to make a syllable clapper. Ask your kiddo to show you how it works. 

Last week in math all our lessons have been on adding 1 more.  This week we will focus on 1 less. 

We had a guinea pig come visit our classroom for letter Gg day. 

Mrs. Lopez came in and talked to us about our personal space. We learned that when we are in someones personal space we are in their bubble. It makes them unhappy. 

Fun Friday was Fabulous again!  Thank you, Thank you to all the wonderful parents that came in to volunteer. 
Romeo's parents taught us all about Christopher Columbus.  We used shapes to build our own Santa Maria. 
 Amelia's mom taught us all about pumpkins.  We measured how tall the pumpkin was, how many lines it has, if it would sink or float and discovered what was inside the pumpkin...guts.  Jessie let us taste pumpkin seeds too!

Letter Ll
Ivy's mom read us a story called, "Lama,lama misses mama." She also taught us facts about real lama's and we got to label a lama. 

Jackson and Jose's mom helped us with our counting skills and played two math games with us. 

Our next parent Centers will be on Tuesday, October 31st.  We will have a Fall Harvest party.  
12:30-3 p.m.
If you can come volunteer and help us with a center please text or email me. 

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Week 7

A HUGE THANK YOU for sending back library books!  We had all, but one student return their book this week.  Mrs. Dosier was so impressed with their responsibility that she is allowing our class to check out 2 books now.  Students have two books to return next Wednesday.  Have fun reading.  I always love to see what they are picking.  

This week pay special attention to our homework.  We want your student to teach their homework helper about 4 star writing, drawing and coloring.  We absolutely do not expect perfection, but this rubric is a great way to start conversations about stretching our abilities. 

We will also be starting our word work program called Words Their Way.  Words Their Way allows me to work with students on their level of instruction.  After assessing we have 4 different groups. 

Pay attention to the color of your students sticker on their new words their way envelope.

Red Group- 2 letter sorting. Write just beginning sound.
Yellow Group-3 letter sorting. Write just beginning sound.
Green Group-4 letter sorting. Write just beginning sound.
Blue Group-CVC words.  Writing words and matching them to pictures. 

* Writing looks different for each group. To see video examples log onto Mrs. Maag’s blog:
Click on the page called WORDS THEIR WAY-Nightly spelling activities

or click on this specific link

Week 6 was filled with learning, fun and DONUTS!

Everyday we practice bouncing a beginning sound of each word we come across. 

 We learned all about "injury" during our 5 senses science lesson. We decided that we would learn about people that help when someone has an injury or sickness.  We became DOCTORS for the day. 

Our mathematicians have been taught all the way from 0-10 now.  We have learned to build each number, see it in a 5 group, circle and scatterplot. 

In this picture we are rolling two dice and practicing our "counting on" skills to find the number.  At this time I cover the number 6 with a sticker to keep the sum between 0-10. 

Our goal this week will be to count a group and add 1 more.  

I will be assessing numbers 0-10 this week. Please, please, please work on building and writing so your student can count a group of objects and write all numbers 0-10.

Look at all these friends bouncing beginning sounds together.

We continued talking about fire safety.  This week we learned about what happens at a fire house, how to stop drop and roll and how playing with matches is very dangerous.  We saw a video of what a forest fire looks like and talked about how important it is to put out your campfire when you are camping. 
If it is too hot to touch, it is too hot to leave. 
We made our own forest fire f's. 

In science we have continued learning about the five senses.  We learned about our last sense: touch.  We touch with our skin and we have "nerves" all over our bodies that him protect us to know if something is safe to touch. We tickled a few feet and found we have more nerves in our feet.  They are really "sensitive". 

We also learned about 2 famous people that had to learn to live without some of there sense.  Ray Charles went blind at the age of 7.  Even though he did not have his sense of sight he because a famous musician. 

When Helen Keller was a baby, she caught a disease that made her lose completely both her eyesight and her hearing.  She was blind and deaf.  Later in life Helen became a famous writer and speaker. 

I wish you all could have been in our classroom as we learned about these famous people.  Your students raised their hands and said, "These friends know, "IT'S GOOD TO DO HARD THINGS"  You have amazing students that will do incredible things.  I know it!!

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Week 6

Parent Teacher Conferences are soon!
Wednesday October 18th from 
1:30-5 pm and 5:30-6:45 p.m.
Thursday October 18th from 8:30-11:45 a.m

Use the following link to sign up:

Friday October 6th-Minimum Day. School is Dismissed at 12:45 p.m. It is also a $1.00 dollar dress day. 

We learned letter Nn.  Use the newspaper to search and find letters.  We also keep practicing how to bounce words and say their beginning sound.  /n/ /n/ nose   /n/ /n/ noodles.
On letter Cc day we made our own number caterpillars. Then during science we got to visit with Mrs. Maag's caterpillars. 
Are you looking around your house and asking your kiddo if they know what letter that is? How does that word begin? 

 Mrs. Maag brought shoes from her house and had us try on her families shoes.  We learned really quick that they were NOT A GOOD FIT
Mrs. Maag taught us that books are like shoes. As we pass off our alphabet letters we will start reading leveled books.  We will start on level aa and should be able to pass off levels all the way to Level D before the end of kindergarten. Some of us are ready to start, but if we haven't passed off our letters IT IS NOT A GOOD FIT.  If we are forced to read leveled books before we are ready it is like wearing Mr. Maag's big shoes.  It is uncomfortable and we are not ready for it, but if we are forced to stay in letters too long it is like wearing a Barbie shoe.   

FUN FRIDAY CENTERS were spectacular!

Yesenia took 5 groups outside to jump snap words.  She would give them a word "like". They would hop on each blue square as they shouted the letters: L I K E What's the word: like. Then all students worked hard to write all snap words with chalk.  Another fun way to encourage writing when writing is hard. 
 Annette and Ana worked with 5 different groups writing letters, snap words and stretching CVC words in shaving cream.  This is a wonderful activity you can do at home that is a fun way for your student to practice writing if writing is hard for them. 
Jessie worked with 5 groups to play 2 different math games.  Bear den and shake and spill a five.
 Beth came and taught our 5 senses lesson about taste. She taught students about their taste buds.  They learned that they have 4 different taste buds. 

We also learned that we can train our taste bud into liking new foods.  Beth taught us that we taste sweet on the end of our tongue. Unless we put food that is not sweet all the way in our mouth we are not using our taste buds the right way. Moms are doing great things if they are making us taste lots of new things.  If something tastes yucky to us we can plug our nose.  It will help it taste better. 

Mrs. Hannah helped us make a book for our friend Gianna! She is the star student this week.  Did you know she loves art and lollipops? When she grows up she wants to be a ballerina. 

A HUGE Thank you! to all the parents that came to centers and the others that offered to come.  I can not do this job without you.  I know you are busy and I am so grateful when you take time out of your busy schedule to come help.  Remember I am set up now so that you could come ANY DAY.  I need you. Send me a text or email or just stop by.  I will put you to work.  

This week: 
New snap words are coming home. Please add these new words to your bag and make them part of nightly practice.
How do I know if my student can pass them off? 
Check the updated assessment coming home on Monday!
This is our 2nd assessment. If your student is not scoring above 20 points they are VERY behind.  At this point lets make an appointment and meet and I can help you know what you can do at home to support them at school. 

This student has made spectacular progress. Really they are consistent in what they don't know.  He/she needs to work on letter Aa, Tt, Nn and the snap words: and, a.  A little extra letter hunting during their 20 minutes of reading and they are caught up.  I really want to keep you in the loop so we can help your student succeed!

This student is right on track.  Only missing the sound for /c/ and the letter name and sound for uppercase N.  Once you know you can point out those 2 letters all week and they can look for the snap words: and and like in their nightly reading. 
Try putting the snap word they are missing on the refrigerator or bathroom door. Before they go in or open the door they have to say the word. Use snap words to start forming sentences. 

Your children are READING ROCK STARS!  I love seeing how many minutes you are spending reading with and to your child each week!  Each month you turn in reading minutes your child earns a Pizza Hut coupon, good for 1 FREE personal pan pizza courtesy of PIZZA HUT!  Congratulations!  The coupon expires after 30 days so make sure you use it before then.

Image result for clip art pizza hut book it certificate

Friday we went to a LEADERSHIP Assembly.  We met our school leaders and they taught us about the 7 Habits. Have you visited the 7 Habits tab on this blog?   
Habit #2 is all about having a plan.  We have a plan in school to be safe, prepared, and responsible.  This week we will be talking about FIRE SAFETY.  We have practiced 2 fire drills in our school this year and we are getting really good at knowing what to do in case there is a fire and where to go. 

Image result for clip art 7 fire prevention weekThis week you will see a note from the Ogden City Fire Department (2186 Lincoln Ave.)in your child’s homework folder.  They are sponsoring an open house at the fire station on October 11 from 5:30-7:30 pm.  There will be lots to see and do.  I encourage you to take your child to it.  Then talk about what your family plan will be in case there is ever a fire in your home.

Image result for clip art donations

Our prize box is getting a little low.  Any small prizes you can afford to donate would be appreciated. 
Tuesday we would like to have a fun snack for Letter Dd day.  Last year a parent brought store bought donuts. If you can donate please let me know Monday. We have 22 students in our class so 2 dozen donuts would be perfect.