Sunday, February 25, 2018

Week 25

Monday: P.E. please wear gym shoes
Wednesday: Please return library books
Friday: Minimum Day $1.00 dress. Dismissal at 12:45

We will visit all the animals living at Hogle Zoo.  We will ride the train and eat lunch at the zoo
When:  Monday March 12 8:15 am- 2:30 p.m.

Important! This week students need to turn in their lunch form and train money by Thursday, March 1st. Please read the lunch form that will be in this weeks homework folder. Please pay the secretaries for train money and lunch money that will not be taken out of your child's account. 

I am allowed to bring 4 parents on the bus that will get in free to the zoo.  They will be in charge of at least 5 students so no siblings are allowed if you are a chaperone. 
Parent 1- Annette- Gracie's mom
Parent 2- Ashley- Paxton's mom
Parent 3- Jessie- Amelia's mom
Parent 4- Betty- Ivy's mom

All parents are invited to the zoo, but if you are not a chaperone you will have to purchase your ticket into the zoo and you will be assigned a group to stay with during the field trip. 
 All day zoo pricing
Adults                       $14.95

Driving Parent- Beth Furton
Driving Parent- Irasema Estrada
Driving Parent- Laura Anguiano
Driving Parent-

We have spent the week learning about Heroes and Villains.

We loved riding the bus!

 We got to make magic wands.  I hope no one was turned into a frog this week.  We had lightning power, taco power, ice cream power, flower power, heart power, snake power, snowflake power and many more...
 We got to participate in a play called Blanca Flor.  She is the Snow White of Mexico.  Gigi played a great wicked queen, Gracie was our princess, and Jocelyn was the magic mirror.  Julian played Hefe the wicked queen's guard. Chris was our handsome prince and we had other guards and bandits.  
 Wes told us about the elements in a fairy tale and told us the little red riding hood story from China called Lon Po Po.  
 Then it was play time!  Boy did we have fun dressing up like fire fighters, police officers, and clerks.
 Many of us even worker in the diner!
A big thank you to all the parents that helped me get all the kiddos back to school safely!

Boots and Bunker came to the school on Wednesday.  We learned all about: 
1-Fire Safety-Get low and get out of your house if there is a fire.  
2-Some medicine can look like candy
3-Look both ways before crossing the street. 
4-Don't give your personal information out to anyone over the internet. 

We will be sending home a coloring contest paper in the homework folder.  Students may draw a picture of any of these 4 things they learned and send their picture back to the office. 
  Indoor Recess!  We had indoor recess every day last week.  I just wanted to show you some of the activities we do when it is too cold to go out.  We also do YOGA with "cosmic kids yoga".  If students are wearing boots please remember to send another pair of shoes with them to school. 

This week we learned about 2 amazing presidents!  George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.  Come see these cute faces hanging in the hallway and see what your student wrote about these wonderful men. 

We did an awesome science experiment this week to help teach students how important it is to brush their teeth. We soaked 3 eggs in water, V-8 splash juice and Coke.  We observed the "teeth" for 4 days.  On day 4 we tried to brush the "teeth" The tooth soaked in water was sparkly clean. The tooth that was soaking in juice wasn't too hard to brush, but was really discolored and the sugar was starting to eat away the egg. We set our timer again for 2 minutes of brushing and the coke was super hard to brush off.  We decided it was a much better plan to brush our teeth 2 times and day and brush for a whole 2 minutes.  If we only brush once a week we would definitely get sugar bugs. 

 More Science!

Friday was so bright and colorful.  We sure needed it after a long, cold winter week.  Thank you for all that participated and showed your OPA spirit. 

Fun Family Night this week.  You can go Monday night or Wednesday Night!

If you are looking for summer camps consider the YMCA program. 

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Week 24

Parent Teacher Conferences were wonderful!  Thank you so much for coming to meet with me.  I appreciate all the hard you do!  I am also so grateful you are willing to Keep AT IT until the end of the year.   

TREE HOUSE field trip is THIS WEEK!!! 
February 20 12:30-2:30

We will be learning about Fairy Tales, making magic wands, participating in a play and having free time.

Volunteers please come to school at 12:00 p.m.
Parent 1-Beth-Mia's mom
Parent 2-Yesenia- Jackie's mom
Parent 3-Jessie-Amelia's mom
Parent 4-Laura- Ivan’s mom
Parent 5-Josie- Sophie’s mom
Parent 6-Annette- Gracie's mom

OPAs annual PENNY WARS will begin on Tuesday and go through March 15th.  For those of you new to OPA this is how it works.  Each class will have a can that is labeled with their teacher’s name in the front by the secretaries.  The goal is to collect as many pennies in our own can.  Pennies are positive.  All other coins: nickels, dimes, quarters, and dollar bills are negative.  The negative coins and bills need to be put in other class cans.  The class that has the most money in the positive at the end of the contest will win a prize.  The money raised will go towards purchasing new playground equipment. 

Math, Math and more Math! 
Wow your children are amazing! I LOVE ENGAGE NEW YORK MATH.  My big teacher goal this year was to do EVERY lesson from the ENGAGE NEW YORK math program.  It has not been easy, but we have done it.  It is incredible! 
 We can write sentences that start with the whole!
 We are able to write number sentences that start with the parts!
 We can even write sentences both ways!!!!  And the best part is we understand why!!!

I hope your Valentine's Day was as special as Kindergarten.  We made heart buddies, played Valentine Bingo and exchanged Valentines. 

Your kiddos were so happy and kind.  They thanked each other and showed so much friendship and love.  Thank you for sharing them with me each day!

We will get a special visit from these Safety Fire Fighters this Wednesday.  They will come teach us to be safe!

Mealworms-Living or Nonliving?

Meal worms can move, grow, breathe, eat and reproduce. Defiantly living! 
We are learning about the lifecycle of a mealworm.  
I left them sitting on my table at school.  Hope I don't have Darkling Beetles before we get back! Yikes....The life of a kindergarten teacher. 

We are continuing to explore living things and their characteristics.  In the next couple of weeks we will be growing grass and observing and dissecting seeds.  To do this we are in need of the following donations:

1 small bag of Miracle Grow potting soil

25 – 8 ounce clear Solo cups

1 bag of LARGE Lima beans

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Week 23 Valentine's and Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent Teacher Conferences!  
Thank you for signing up for a time to come celebrate your student this week! Please try to remember and be on time to your appointment.  The appointments are only 15 minutes and I have one right after another.  Thank you for coming to see me on Thursday!

Valentines Day is this week! Homework this week.

We will  be exchanging Valentines. Wednesday Feb. 14th.  Please remember no candy.  
Students will be asked to make valentines or friendship cards. Cards do not need to be store bought.  It could be a piece of paper, folded in half, with a picture they draw. 

Students will need to bring 22 Valentines with the snap word “from” written on the outside of the envelope with their name. Example: from Amora
This allows them to practice the word “from” 22 times.

 From now until the end of the school year we will be writing sentences every day.  This skill is still super hard for some students and a big stretch.  The more you can do this at home the better.  Choose a snap word and have them write a sentence and illustrate a picture. 

We had a wonderful 100 day!  
We did activities all week long. 
Thank you to all the wonderful parents that came in to help us on Friday! 
We made necklaces with 100 fruit loops

We gave clues so our friends could guess our 100's day collections. Thank you for sending in your collection of 100 things.  

We painted 100 dots and counted by 10's to 100.  
Students need to pass off this skill before leaving kindergarten

We made a snack with 100 goodies! Yum Yum Yum!  We counted to 100 and counted by 10's to 100. Thank you for donating snacks!!!

We did 100 exercises and built collections with 100 legos.

We drew pictures of what we think we will look like when we are 100 years old

 We wrote sentences about what we will do when we are 100 years old.  They are hilarious!

We dressed up in fancy crowns, glasses and jewelry and had a photo shoot.  

Last but not least! Mrs. Maag used her magical powers and turned us 100 years old.  
Oh my goodness won't we look great!