Sunday, March 19, 2017

Week 30!

If you have time and would like to come in any day any time. I have materials ready and  we would love to have you come in and tutor students one to one or in a small group.

Report cards were sent home on Thursday.  Please sign the outside of the envelope and return it on Monday.  Kiddos that return the envelope will be able to clip up Monday morning.
We have earned all the letters in Perfect Attendance again which means we will have a 
free dress day- NO $1.00 needed! 
Wednesday March 22, 2017

Friday March 24th-We will be having a Party to celebrate all that we will learn about Colors in the next two week! I have Stacey Peterson and Jenny and Greg Phillips signed up to come. Parent Volunteers need to come to school at 11:45 and stay until 2:30. At 2:30 we will be making some color volcanos. You are welcome to stay until 3pm and watch.   I would love 2 more parents to come please!

Spring Break is April 3-7.  There will be NO SCHOOL all week. 

We have 39 days left of Kindergarten! 

Last day of Kindergarten will be 
Thursday May 18, 2017
Please put this on your calendar.  If you have other students at OPA they will continue school Wed. May 24th, but kindergarten will be done on the 18th.  We need the last few days of school to test the new incoming Kindergarteners for next year. 
Save the Dates: Kindergarten Graduation Friday May 19th @ 1:30 p.m.  We get the privilege of having a graduation with just our class. Exciting!  

Zoo field trip
I went to check it out! It will be so so fun!
We will visit all the animals living at Hogle Zoo.  We will ride the train and eat lunch at the zoo
When: May 9, 2017 8:30 a.m-2:30 p.m.

I am allowed to bring 4 parents on the bus that will get in free to the zoo.  They will be in charge of at least 5 students so no siblings are allowed if you are a chaperone. 
Parent 1- Yesenia Salgado
Parent 2- Stacey Peterson
Parent 3- Jenny Phillips
Parent 4- Judy Rodriguez 

All parents are invited to the zoo, but if you are not a chaperone or you are bringing a sibling you will have to purchase your ticket into the zoo and you will be assigned a group to stay with during the field trip. 

Adults- $14.95
Seniors (65 and older)-$12.95
Children 3 to 12- $10.95
Children 2 and younger-free

Driving Parents-
Driving Parents-
Driving Parents-
Driving Parents-
Please email me if you would like to join us at the zoo. You will have to drive down and pay for you admission, but you are very welcome to come with us.  

Love these little leprechauns so much!  We are writing stories this week about what we would do if we were leprechauns! Here is our research in our LA journals.

Our Groovy Grass Guys and Gals are growing so well because we know they need soil, sun, water and clean air. 
 So much sadness as we say goodbye to our little friend that got lots of sun, 
but no water or soil. 

Did you also know that red food coloring is not good for you.  We learned that stems drink the water and send it to the leaves and flower on a plant.  Look what happened to our red plant. Beware of red dye. Yikes!  Our newest experiment is can we grow a plant without soil.  We cut a potato in half and put it in water.  Can you already see our root growing. So exciting.2016-03-20 22.54.35

What an incredible assembly!  KIDS ARE MUSIC put on a wonderful show.  We watched and were entertained for an entire hour!  We loved every minute!!!

I hope you got a chance to get outside in this beautiful weather we have been having.  We took the family on our first camping trip of the season. So fun! 

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Week 29

Thursday March 16 will be a $1.00 dress day and minimum day. School Dismissed at 12:45.
No school March 17th. OPA Teachers have professional Development.

Report Cards:
Elementary Report cards will be sent home with students on March 16th.
Please sign the envelope and return ASAP.

daylight_savings_t-1660Please remember to change your clocks because of Day Light Savings.  Spring forward! Please send students to bed early tonight so getting up early tomorrow won't affect their school day.  26 tired kindergarteners makes a very hard day for us. :)

I am so impressed with the work you are doing on Raz-Kids!  5 students passed off a level this week.  Way to go! Keep reading! In the end it is what makes the most difference in being ready for 1st grade.  Please know what level your student is on.  Students should be beginning level D before the end of kindergarten.  Many are struggling to get passed level B. Please keep encouraging them to work on Raz Kids.  

To be able to move pass level B students really need to know their kindergarten snap words. We have been doing great writing projects to help us focus and remember our snap words.  Their writing is incredible. Ha!

Boots and Bunker came and taught us about fire and internet safety.  We also learned about not bullying and stranger danger. We love our fire fighter friends that care so much to come teach us. Thanks Boots and Bunker!

Living Things are wonderful! We are proud parents of our first beetle. Our meal worms have finally made it through their life cycle.  So exciting. 

 We planted groovy grass guys and gals.  We are trying to see if our bald friends will grow so hair!
 Did you know that you can eat all the parts of a plant?? Incredible.  We didn't.  We tried roots, stems and leaves.
Mrs. Maag also brought some mystery plants to school.  We transplanted them and can't wait to see what they turn into.  Seeds are amazing. They all turn into something new. Wow!
We also learned so much about stems.  We added different types of colored dye to the stems and we are waiting to see if the color will travel up to the flower. Plants are amazing!  They drink like you and I do. 

This week we will celebrate St. Patricks Day. We will learn that we need to  know everything we can about colors and rainbows.
2016-03-20 22.27.03

Friday March 24th-We will be having a Party to celebrate all that we will learn about Colors in the next two week!   I would love 5 parents to come please!
2016-03-20 22.52.49

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Week 28

I am super excited to bring your attention to the side of the blog again.  I learned how to embed a calendar that will keep you up to date on all kindergarten events.  It has free dress days, library dates,when we go to specials like art, music and p.e. It has dates when OPA has no school and when our last field trip is as well as graduation.  I also have the ability to share this calendar directly with you.  If you would like me to send you the link so you can add the google calendar to your phone please send me an email.  I really hoping this will keep you super informed with ALL events from now until Kindergarten Graduation. 
This week was Dr. Seuss's birthday. We read many of his wonderful stories.  We reviewed rhyming skills as we read each story. 
 We continue our learning about living and non-living skills. We learned that seeds are non-living until they are given water, sun, soil and clean air. We watched Magic School Bus-Get's planted and had a seed tasting party.  We were able to taste 15 different kinds of seeds.  
 We learned that seeds can be tiny. We tasted chia seeds. 
We learned that seeds can be giant.  We broke open a real coconut and drained the coconut milk. 
We had to use a hammer to open the coconut, but it was worth it to taste the meat. 
 Some of us opted to taste the coconut milk.  Ha! Some liked it and others did not!! 

Our fabulous kindergarten won the lunchroom contest this week for being the most proactive at lunchtime.  We cleaned up after ourselves, talked in quiet voices, and emptied our trays appropriately.  Congratulations kids!  

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Week 27

Monday: P.E. Please wear gym shoes
Tuesday: Library
Friday: $1.00 dress day and Minimum day. Early release at 12:45 p.m.

Lunch in our classroom!
On Monday February 27th (tomorrow) we will be having lunch in our classroom because the science fair is going to be in the lunch room.  The following students have signed up to bring a lunch from home: 


All others have signed up for either PBJ, Turkey, or Ham school sack lunch. 

George Washington was our first president.  He was a general in the Army.  His face is on the quarter and the $1.00 bill.  He wore a tricorn hat and put white powder in his hair. 
Abraham Lincoln was our 16th president.  His face can be found on the penny and the $5.00 bill.  He was a lawyer and grew up in a log cabin.  He was called Honest Abe. We learn lots about these amazing men and completed these cute writing projects this week. 

We are getting so good at being PROACTIVE.  Our proactive pom pom jar is almost full again. FRIDAY I am planning to continue our living and non-living research.  I want to show them a Magic School Bus DVD called "Get Planted".  I would also like to have a seed tasting so they can understand that different seeds produce different plants and that seed come in all shapes and sizes.  Please email me if you would like to bring a kind of seed to school before THURSDAY so we can taste them.  Also I am not aware of any allergies so if your student has any please let me know.2015-03-06 11.07.08
Last year parents sent in:  Please e-mail me if you can send in a type of seeds before Wednesday. :)
  • bananas
  • snap peas they can break open
  • coconut- we broke a real one and tasted it.
  • sunflower seeds
  • pumpkin seeds
  • almonds
  • raspberries or blackberries
I have popcorn, black chia seed, pistachios and peanuts in the shell

I am also in need of one bag of potting soil. We will be planting grass seed on Friday. 
Last week we became botanists!  We learned that all living things can reproduce or make babies.  Seeds are baby plants.  Plants can breath, grow, change and move.  We watched time lapse videos to prove that they can move. Check this out:
We dissected lima beans. We discovered that if you soak the lima bean in water you can wiggle it out of its seed coat. Inside we found the embryo which is the baby plant.  Wow. We love science.
In math we continue our study of number bonds.  We have learned to make combinations with numbers 5, 6, 7, and 8. 

 Did you have a chance to play CUP LINE UP with your student at home? We loved playing at school.
We also continue writing, writing and more writing.  This week with our Language Arts Unit 5 test the students will have to show that they can write a complete sentence.  

A complete sentence: 
  • Begins with an uppercase letter
  • Sound spells words and spells snap words correctly
  • Puts a space between words
  • Ends with a punctuation mark

Look at these amazing sentences!
The carriage is carrying a princess.
The cat is at the house.
The snake slithers.
The prince is with this prince.
The dolphin lives in the ocean.
A turtle can swim.
He drops from the jet.
I am mad. It can buzz. It eats lettuce.
The princess eats chicken nuggets.
The dinosaur can fly.
They can swim.
He goes in outer space.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Week 26

It was so wonderful to get to meet with each of you at Parent Teacher Conferences.  We had 100% attendance! Thank you for being so dedicated to being such great parents.  I am so lucky.  I love your children so much and I am so proud of them.  They have ALL made incredible progress this year.  
Monday February 20th-NO SCHOOL-Presidents Day.  Have a great long weekend. 
Try playing the math game I gave you at conferences. 

I hope you had a fabulous Valentines Day! We had a great day of learning and friendship.  
Thank you for sending in Valentines and helping us build friendships.  We talked a lot about showing little acts of kindness.  Things like a smile, high five or a compliment can make someones day a little brighter.  
Homework next week: 
NO spelling sorts-  Take the time to practice skills we talked about at PTC.  The last blut snap word list is coming home.  That means that you now have ALL 42 snap words that are required in Kindergarten.  We will spend the next 3 months review, review, reviewing and using them in writing.  

Science! Science! and More Science!

WOW we learned it is so important to brush our teeth! 
We took 3 hard boiled eggs (models of our teeth) 
We put 1 in Coke, 1 in V-8 splash juice and 1 in water.  We observed them for 3 days.  

On the 3rd day we brushed.  We talked about how much sugar is in juice and soda and showed what happened when we left that sugar on our teeth.  The soda egg was a little easier to brush, but still left our teeth a little discolored.  The juice was still pink after we brush.  We concluded that it is a much better idea to brush that sugar off our teeth everyday and drink water more than soda and juice. In the homework folder this week you will see a sign up for a dentist that is coming to OPA sometime soon.  If your child hasn't been to the dentist in awhile it is a great opportunity to get a check up.

Mealworms-Living or Nonliving?
 Some of us were a little nervous to hold our tiny crawly friends.  
 Some of us were thrilled!  
Meal worms can move, grow, breathe, eat and reproduce. Defiantly living! We are learning about the lifecycle of a mealworm.  
I left them sitting on my table at school.  Hope I don't have Darkling Beetles before we get back! Yikes....The life of a kindergarten teacher. 

On Monday February 27th (two weeks away) we will be having lunch in our classroom because the science fair is going to be in the lunch room.  The following student have signed up to bring a sack lunch: 


All others have signed up for either PBJ, Turkey, or Ham school sack lunch.